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Agent Pendrell  - Gone but not forgotten.

Agent Pendrell Dialogue 

Scully - Are you busy Agent Pendrell?
Pendrell -  No, I just, uh. . .

Scully - What's it going to take [to find Luis Cardinal]?
Agent Caleca - At this point? Other than a sign from God?
Scully - I've seen stranger things, believe me.
Pendrell - (musingly) I believe she has.

Mulder - Agent Pendrell! Thanks for turning this material analysis in on such short notice.
Pendrell - Shouldn't we wait for Agent Scully? I just don't want to repeat myself.
Mulder - She's not coming.
Pendrell - Why not?
Mulder - She had a date. (silence) Breathe Agent Pendrell! It's with a dead man.

Scully - Look, we still haven't celebrated my birthday Pendrell, I'm not going to let you off the hook like this. (Pendrell smiles weakly)
Scully - He's an FBI agent, and he's not going to die
Scully - He saved [Srt. Frish's] life Mulder, and maybe mine.
Mulder - You thinking about Pendrell?
Scully - I realized I didn't even know his first name.

Pendrell - Hey birthday girl!
Pendrell - Bartender, bartender, set me up with a couple of birthday girl drinks here. . .
Scully - You're going to keep breathing Pendrell. Do you hear me?

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